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Altree Financial Group Integrates Admin System

Altree Financial® is pleased to announce its decision to acquire and implement a new enterprise class solution suite for...


Altree featured in MENA FM

Altree was pleased to be asked by MENA FM to share its insights on the importance of jurisdictional prudence...



Altree featured in MENA FM - on "The Offshore Advantage"

Chris Harkness of Altree provides insights into the advantages of jurisdictional prudence in a recent MENA FM article. Given that global markets appear to be healing and evolving, investment fund promoters (directors and managers) are paying close attention to the winds of change. The financial lessons from the past three years and numerous other contributing factors have forced investors to scrutinise the offering and legal documents relating to their investments. Specifically, fiduciaries have been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing and interpreting the rapidly changing financial landscape. This has recently brought into acute focus the domicile from which a manager chooses to operate.

With a conclusion that provides insight on the evolving regulatory and competitive landscape and the resulting changes which are forcing some of the established providers to consider leaving the market, this thought-producing article is well worth a read.

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