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Altree Financial Group Integrates Admin System

Altree Financial® is pleased to announce its decision to acquire and implement a new enterprise class solution suite for...


Altree featured in MENA FM

Altree was pleased to be asked by MENA FM to share its insights on the importance of jurisdictional prudence...



Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Oversight

Prudent action ensures that mandates are successfully fulfilled and fiduciaries carry out their central responsibilities

We are uniquely positioned to independently monitor fiduciaries and assist in the preservation of wealth. Altree Services assists fiduciaries as they seek to develop and maintain successful, well-designed investment programs. We ensure that fiduciaries act solely in the interest of beneficiaries, carry out their duties prudently, adhere to policy documents, diversify portfolio investments, and pay only reasonable expenses. In so doing, we actively negotiate lower fees from investment-related providers and assess commission rates to ensure our clients' costs are competitive. We perform due diligence on fiduciaries each year, reviewing performance, reading policy reports, checking fees, inquiring about best practices, and following up on beneficiary complaints.

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